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Yes, it's that time of the year. Again! And because we love Christmas so much, we celebrate it with plenty of good food. But make sure you snap a photo of it before indulging, as you might get rewarded here for you culinary talents!

:bulletred: Deadline: 27th of December
(plenty of time to view and enjoy food, and get a late present from Santa)

:bulletred: Submission:
          :bulletgreen: 2 deviations/member
          :bulletgreen: Folder: deliciousdeviants.deviantart.c…
          :bulletgreen: Please delete deviation from group and send to special folder, if the deviation was previously submitted to DeliciousDeviants!!

:bulletred: Guidelines/judging:
          :bulletgreen: interesting subject (food, obviously)
          :bulletgreen: composition
          :bulletgreen:  lighting
          :bulletgreen:  photo/drawing quality

:bulletred: Awards:
          :bulletgreen: 1 - 3 months of Premium Membership for the 3 winners
          :bulletgreen: article feature
          :bulletgreen: journal feature from freddofroggy

:bulletred: Donations:
          :bulletgreen: Feel free to leave a comment or a note if you want to feature any of the winners in your journal, or donate other prizes!
          :bulletgreen: Spread the news! The more, the merrier. :santa:

For inspiration, last year's contest:…
Hey Everyone!!!

WELCOME to all the new members!!!
Next, I need to apologize to everyone for my absence. I know I've been MIA for the past few months. I want to thank Alexandra (defy-the-wind)  for keeping this group alive.  :)

Now for the group updates!
First, I've added a September 2011 folder in the gallery.  For the members who added their September photos in the August 2011 folder, you would have to resubmit your photos into the September folder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Second, I realized that the gallery folders are getting a bit crowded. So I was thinking about reorganizing the photos in the monthly folders into food category folders. I know that that was the plan anyway when the group first started. Basically we'll keep the current month's folder, which is the September 2011 folder, in the gallery and that is where the members will submit their photos. Once the month is done, I and Alexandra will organize the photos into their right categories. For example, there will be a folder for "breakfast" or "italian food".  
So just a leave a comment if you are a go or a no for this reorganization plan and also if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.

Finally, if anybody is interested in becoming a co-founder, message me and let me know why you want to be one.  This group has now about 1500 members!!! That's really amazing, but also makes it really hard to organize and keep up to date. So just let me or Alexandra know if you're interested.

So, that's it for now :) I'll try to update again in 2 weeks. Thanks again everyone for the hard work. The submissions look amazing :)

--KC (~aykaysay)
Oh, this was not easy at all!!

But...there is no contest without a winner, right?

So, I've decided to pick up deviations that somehow reflect what DeliciousDeviants is all about. Not necessarily the perfect framing of the subject or flawless colours and lightning; but the quest, the struggle, and the nurturing beauty emerging from it.


ChaoticCamera ->… for the sweet concept. Getting back to the basics, enjoying simple things in life. Flour, dough and a heart-shaped cookie cutter, what more can one wish for? I'm in love, that's for sure.

Justysiak ->… for capturing a lovely instant. Still keeps me breathless.

aaaand (yes, more!)

Evelin-Novemberdusk -> evelin-novemberdusk.deviantart… for showcasing unbelievable details and things I didn't quite realize they exist before joining this group

FioReLLo ->… for the ethereal look


laurenjacob ->… for the cutest designs

Obbitz ->… because cheese is love and that plain photo is perfection

Y0UR-N3M3515 ->… because some people like colouring outside the lines and are insanely funny

The thumbs can be seen at:

Congrats to all the people joining the contest! You made my life so sweet and difficult. :aww:
Don't miss out the yummy prizes!

More details: deliciousdeviants.deviantart.c…
Yup, it's that time of the year! And because we celebrate it through good food, we're holding a new contest.

:heart: Theme: Food Love

Or Love Food, you can interpret it as you please. We're using Valentine's Day as an excuse, but it doesn't have to be a Valentine's cliché. Just show us some love in your food deviations.

:heart: Deadline: February 24th

which happens to be the Romanian celebration of love, known as Dragobete.

:heart: Submissions: 1 per member, please.*

Submit it to Food Love - Valentine's 2011.

:heart: Prizes!!!

1st: 3 month Premium membership
2nd and 3rd: 1 month Premium membership

+journal features (please leave a comment if you'd like to feature)

*If you have already submitted the deviation to the group, please withdraw it and resubmit. Thank you!

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